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The Star Mountain Jungle Trail

Experience the abundant nature and wildlife on our nature trail which starts right in front of your room. The loop trail is over 3 km long and passes by 4 lookout points. From the highest elevation you enjoy panoramic views of the beaches of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais and the Gulf of Nicoya.

At our info stand in the lodge you can pick up your trail map with information about the forest type of Cabo Blanco and interesting trees along the hiking trail.
Duration of the round trip is approximately 1.5 hours.

Our jungle trail is totally private - access is only granted for guests staying at Star Mountain Lodge.
The hike takes you through mixed habitat: from open land to jungle and rivers. You will see birds, butterflies, monkeys and maybe other wildlife of the forest.

             Trail Map:



Animals at the Star Mountain Jungle Lodge

Our private nature reserve next to Cabo Blanco National Park makes for excellent wildlife watching. As the animals on our property are largely undisturbed, you will probably see more wildlife at Star Mountain than in the Cabo Blanco national park. Within this area live such species as ocelots, margay cats, jaguarundis, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, kinkajous, collared anteater, coatis and many others.

capuchin monkey Howler Monkey Squirrel eating coconuts Margay
Capuchin Monkey Howler Monkey Squirrel Margay Cat
Parakeet Woodpecker   

Bird lovers will delight in the large variety of species to be found in the area. Lots of woodpeckers, parakeets and parrots, herons, tanagers and hummingbirds.

You can rent a specialist bird guide to take full advantage of the amazing variety of bird specias at Star Mountain. You might see long-tailed manakins, trogons and motmots, chachalacas, king vultures, laughing falcons, painted buntins among many others.

Parakeet Wood Pecker   
List of our Birds: birds.pdf
List of our Mammals: mammals.pdf